Thursday, 18 August 2011

[REVIEW] KKcenterHK False Lashes

This review is long awaited, mainly because I've been taking a holiday from blogging even after my exams. I just haven't felt totally inspired. But after Hk and KL, I'm back on the especially after a massive skincare haul.

Anyways, this is a sponsored review from KKcenterHK, who kindly sent me a pack of lashes to try.
I thought it was one pair, but she sent me a fullsized pack. I have to say, this is why I resent living in Europe. You can never buy lashes like this. It's like a fiver for ONE PAIR. Massive Fail. 5 Points to Gryffindor KKcenterHK!

They look really natural don't they, when you first open the packet. But one thing that scared me was the length. I'm not going to lie, I'm chinese and that means my eyes are deep in sockets so when I wear some lashes, the fact it goes up to my eyebrow isn't a good sign. I do not, I repeat, i do not want to be wear daddy long legs on my eyes, thank you very much!

The lashes have a clear strip which is a novelty for me since most lashes bought in the UK have a black band instead of a clear band. It's also made from glue/plastic so it's more flexible. Anyhoo, let's see how it looks on eh?

Oh...Dear! Either I'm shit at putting on lashes (high probability) or/and they make my eyes look like daddy long legs. =_= Total Fail. Also i know its down to my own technique, theres like a MASSIVE gap between the eye and the lash.

Verdict: These lashes don't suit me, and I'm kind of disappointed that my first set of lashes from KKcenterHK were so unsuitable, not to say the company isn't good. I mean they were terrific with the quick replies to my emails and the quick postage. I tried the lashes again (no photos) and again i was faced with a gap between my eye and the lash and I tried sticking it down, but whereas i thought the band was flexible, it wouldn't effing bend in the way i wanted to. ES-10, I'm sorry, it seems like you and I were not meant to be. Another disadvantage i found was that the lashes all need to be cut to fit my eye and you have to be EXTRA delicate when taking the lashes out because the band's material was so soft, one wrong tug and it's out of shape. I have ruined so many just like that.

ES-1o, Nil Points to you!

I'd like to kindly thank kkcenterHK for sending me some to try. :) KKcenterHK's website also sells different types of lashes, nails and wigs! I sneaked a peek and the prices are pretty affordable!

Readers, stay tuned, I'm slowly perfecting a pikachu eotd. Sneakpeek MAY be available on my twitter (Http://

Ciao for now!

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Jian said...

pikachu EOTD! I will stay tuned indeed!

I have some lashes that look very similar to those. By 'some', I mean 40 pairs... My mum went and bought me 4 boxes of the SAME lashes. They're very spidery like that as well! They only look ok with a smokey eye. I'm thinking next time of applying two on top of each other!

And yeah it is sooo difficult to apply it close to the lash liine. I often miss D: Try cutting your lashes up into 3 pieces to stick down near your lash line? That way it is a bit easier :) Next time I'm going to try it like that, and try to stick it below my lash line for a super natural look a la BeautyQQ from YT!

Its a shame about the mishapening of the lahes though :(

나니 said...

Congrats on getting sponsored! : D And the lashes are nice, but I agree... they look a bit spidery on you : / Your skin's looking great though! D:

Yin said...

Jian:Ooh layering lashes sound like a good idea. :) Tweet a photo when you do do it :D. I usually do cut my lashes but I thought they were supposed to be quite natural looking LOL. I wish I could do under the lash line but i wear contact lens and I'm scared it'll fall out!

Line:Haha thank you! I know should cut the length using nail scissors! @_@. Hahah that part did, the rest was soo flaky when i took that picture!