Tuesday, 13 September 2011


New layout is up. It was only a quick revamp of colours and banners. But do let me know what you think and what could be improved and creative ideas. (They will be credited. Don't worry!) The colous are rather summery for September but I consider my blog to be a little spot of summer because I love these colours so much. Plus, I love a cleaner layout. I felt the peach background in my last layout wasn't clean and enticing enough. My main aim is for you to read my blog posts clearly.

So those of you who have friended me on Facebook will have already seen this OOTD. The dress is actually from H&M and it was priced at £24.99 which is a bargain for such amazing quality and cut. Although it has to be said, it only looked better when I started doing more exercise. (Story of everyone's life, right?!) It didn't hang so well before. You'll also see pictures of my parents house and a piano.


 Dress: H&M/Belt: H&M/Shoes: New Look/Watch: Swatch

I know a few of you are waiting for my pokemon inspired EOTD. But it will come soon, I promise! I did one the other day but then I had an epiphany whilst I was eating and decided it will be a Pikachu Thunderbolt inspired look and my EOTD was missing one important thing that will draw it all together. So I'm back to the face canvas on that one. :) Also Reviews of the Illamasqua products will be coming up this week or next week.

I know, I'm a massive procrastinator and I enjoy making you readers wait. I'll make it up in humour.
Well it's time I head off to bed because i have to be up for 8.45am tomorrow to be at the fitness club for 9.30am. (I know, me dying from body attack moves is clearly a funny image.) I should take my camera and show you my new fitness place. (At the moment I'm too afraid to venture out my own house, even for running so I'm relying on my wii fit plus. Why am I afraid? Well somebody might grraaab me!-If you watch Modern Family, you know where that reference is from! Click here to see)

6 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

guuurl you lookin' fab as always! I love the dress on you D: Fancy color as well! Did you lose weight? You look like you toned up quite a bit..

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

i love the pink dress on you :) very feminine and pretty!

Miss Jayce said...

ooh i love the outfit yinnie <3 pink and so sheeeeer!!! love!!

Jamilla Camel said...

You are the epitome of Parisian Chic!

Michelle said...

Oh I love the little cameo design on your header, the colours are really nice too (: Pokemon inspired make-up?! That sounds absolutely perfect to me, excited to see it. And thanks for tweeting me too, now a follower! xx

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty in that dress! the dress look very pretty and feminine. A steal from H&M me thinks!