Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pokemon Eyeshadows, gotta catch them all. SWATCHES

So, regular readers, remember a few months back when I had a sudden brainwave that my obsession with collecting makeup/eyeshadow was a little bit like collecting Pokemon? HERE (Okay A YEAR AGO. But time is NOT the point!) Well apparently, I'm not the only one who had the same idea, Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics had the same idea and even went one step further, she makes eyeshadows and NAMES them after Pokemon. Once I found out about that, I was on that like white on rice, like Pikachu to Ash Ketchum, if we need to use a more appropriate analogy.

Now, as some of you know, I'm a really bad decision maker and I couldn't choose which of the eyeshadows i really wanted, so being the greedy bitch that I am, I bought sample bags of ALL FORTY eyeshadows. Surprisingly, it was pretty reasonable, about £21 for all of it. The only problem now, was dispensing them in pots which I duly did so. Thank you Ebay seller I-homeware. (I worked out that getting the mini pots were expensive and I wouldn't use it up and if i got my own pots and did my own dispensing, it would turn out to be £5 cheaper, which I could did use on uh...snacks. (A girl gets hungry, Shoot me.)

Well, the package arrived when I was on holiday, powerwalking around HK.  And four sunny weeks came and went until I arrived home. And there it was, my pokemon eyeshadows. I hadn't been so excited since I found my trusty pokemon red underneath my bed. (Yes, I was 20 year old, I live in ETERNAL childhood.) So after going googly eyed at it, it was time to get to work. FORTY SWATCHES FOR YOU! :D

(Pictures enlarge when you click it. Oh My God, that sounds dirty.)
Here's how it all arrived...

Here's how I used 2 hours of my life (productively!)
SWATCHES. Some might be brighter because I was using wet wipes throughout the photo session.

Lipsafe-Just want to say, I LOVE MOLTRES, it's rust with chunky gold glitter. Like so much fallout but SO pretty. S.S Anne is also very very pretty.
lipsafe-Charmander's a bit chalky..=/
Non Lip safe-HOW AMAZING is Squirtle (the colour AND the pokemon!) Photobucket
Non lipsafe-gyarados is a bit chalky and hard to blend but the colour is so bright.
Non lipsafe.
phew! Sorry it was so picture heavy. They're all asleep in the pokemon computer now. I mean, Shoebox. What colours do you like? Have you tried Shiro cosmetics? Photobucket

5 Golden Nuggets:

Jamilla Camel said...

AMAZING collection! I like Vulpix.

Kallen said...

I've heard of Shiro Cosmetics, they also do Legend of Zelda colours (my inner gamer geek loves these ^-^)
these look lovely, they're really generous samples!
my favourite is hyper beam ^^

Jian said...

What a bargain!! 21 quid!

The two boys in my house came to have a look at what I was shouting about when I was reading your post! I was like 'WHAT'S DUNSPARCE?' ..we worked it out in the end!

I think Rattata looks pretty! in fact, most of them look really pretty and wearable! I really dislike loose pigments though because I'm a messy person :(

나니 said...

WOAHHH I love the concept of this!! >: D so awesome! Gengar is definitely a gorgeous color btw!

Yin said...

@Jamilla: Vulpix is a beautiful colour.

@kallen I know right, i'm tempted to get the legends collection, A few samples anyways. It totally fulfils the inner geek.

Jian: I know what you mean about loose pigments, they are a pain. I'm tempted to pan a few but it's so much energy!

Also yeah some of the stuff is pretty unknown to me too. I don't regard anything over 250 as real pokemon!

@나니; everybody loves the concept, I highly recommend getting a few! LOL. I personally LOVE the colour squirtle as well as gengar