Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weak-Willed Foam.

A lot of people know I have a problem with Foam on food. It looks like someone has just spat on my plate. I mean, top class modern european/british gastronomy and you give me FOAM, and it's not even aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not only that, foam is essentially, well, air, thus this is double the daylight robbery it already is.

But foam on face is SO much more fun and surprisingly more pleasing to the eye and to the child within me. Foam beards, eyebrows galore. I spent DAYS playing with it. What? You ask. Simples, the bubble net. A product that has been recently reviewed and blogged by Nic Nic at Bang Bang she shoots and also Kay from Cosmeddicted. I snapped mine up at Muji, I saw it and I just HAD to have it. It's supposed to make mochi-mochi foam ala Japan? MUST-HAVE. (I'm extremely fickle, I KNOW.)


I'll probably update this post, I didn't take picture of how dense the foam was because I was too busy playing with it. There is one disadvantage to the bubble net. You waste a lot of product just playing with it, like it's a sad gloomy september day and what makes me happy? Foam beard. :)

Get yours from Muji £1.50. A bloody steal, in my eyes!

P.S: I've also noticed in Asia that foam is BIG BIG THING, on skin, that is. Alot of the cleansers come with foam dispensers. There's an uber cute biore one called marshmallow whip facial wash. Singaporean Blogger StarryXuan has done a review on it and I've already put it on my to buy list. And even though I have a bubble net it's cuz I iz a massive kid who wants to look like she has rabies. ;P *stalks asian e-shopping sites*

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Jian said...

OMG you are completely right! I would have so much fun with a foam beard and go around scaring my housemates! Oh that would be so fun!!!!!!


Kallen said...

I love this too! it's so addictive and fun, it works really well with soap cleansers like lush's coalface ^^

mandy said...

I use the same one from MUJI's! I was hoping to find one more similar to the versions cosmeddicted and nicnic showed but the MUJI one was way better than the other version I used (a bag like mesh with three mesh balls). After a while though under the plastic cap started to turn yellow :\ Just a heads up (or maybe I'm the only one who had this problem..)

Jen said...

I've been eyeing this up at my Daiso!! You are a temptress .. now I want to go out and buy it so I can play with foam.. haha. I LOVE foam dispensing cleansers! I have one by L'gere ^^

The Girlie Blog said...

Very interesting stuff!

Yin said...

Jian: i suddenly have a mental image of you running around your housemates like Hammy from over the hedge. LOL

@Kallen: ooh i'm using mine with DHC's mild soap at the moment. Even I'm finding it a little drying. Coalface would probably be bad for dry skin LOL

Mandy: Thanks for the heads up@ Although £1.50 to replace doesn't seem too bad.

Jen: Hahaha Sorry for tempting you! Ahh you have a Daiso in New Zealand? Wow we don't even have that here, it's just MUJI and that's like way more expensive! LOL I can totally imagine the bubble net is going to be sold for like 90p in Daiso.

Thanks for all the comments ladies!

Anonymous said...

lol i have a lot of fun making foam these days!! So glad you snapped up the net at such a cheap price!

나니 said...

WOAHHH D: definitely interesting concept!
I'm still clueless on what to get you for your next parcel.. Got any ideas and what you'd want? *shrug* I feel so bad about it >_<" /crey

Hope you're doing well! <3 Speak soon, yeah?

K said...

Yay, thanks for linking to my blog!! And double yay, I'm glad you like the bubble net!! I've even brought one along on vacation!!

나니 said...

Hehe, you're welcome! This weekend was MAD xD Haha, I haven't gone drinking in a long time, so suddenly drinking for 2 days was quite harsh on my poor body. xD It was a blast tho!

OHHH thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it asap! : D I'll probably be sending yours out next month as well!

Ohhh.. I think Morale will look best on my white-gurl skintone XD haha. Peachy colors tend to make me look.. odd.. O_O Like as if I'm wearing fake tan on my cheeks. It's kinda weird.


Miss Jayce said...

yes totally agree with your thoughts on how asia is like OBSESSSED with everything FOAM... cleansers. i never tried the foaming net, i use the foam ball instead =P it use less product i think =P

Yin said...

Nic Nic; I was surprised too. But even £1.50 is a bit steep for a bit of net LOL. I could probably get one for cheaper at the HKD 10 dollar store. (Well duh, it's 10 dollars. hahaha)

Line; You know I've replied on your blog already ;P

K: hahaha i bet the hotel staff get confused as to what it may be sometimes. LOL No worries. Your blog is wonderful!

Miss Jayce; There's a foam Ball?! I have to see! LOL. Actually it's not the net that wastes product, it's myself. LOL