Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The obligatory 'I'm honestly not dead' blogpost.

Missing Blogger, last seen approximately a month ago.

I realise that I do this quite alot, and in my defence, I'm a flaky person. (it's a really crap defence, I know.) My commitment to writing is temperamental at most, I write when inspiration comes to me but inspiration alone doesn't even cut it for me, it has to go hand in hand with my old friend Mr. Motivation. (FLASHBACK: Anyone else remember Mr Motivator on GMTV like years back?! LOL) Sadly, my old friend is busy at work with my academic life because that part of my life is a shambles and I need all the help I can get. On top of that, I;ve been so busy with starting a new course at University and also getting ill with a week long flu, my blogging has been pushed back.

However! My new mantra/plan/seasonal resolution/[insert motivational plan word here] is to write at least one blogpost a week. :)

Anyways, here's a peek at what my skincare post in the next week might feature?! (sadly, as a poor student again, I'm not giving away a set, but watch out for new year. I might pull it out the hat and send one lucky reader a 1.2.3 Shiseido Skincare set!


7 Golden Nuggets:

Nic Nic said...

woah the set looks amazing. I know the feeling of being sick for a long time, take care Yinnie!

Jamilla Camel said...

Welcome back!! I know you're busy with Grad school - but I can't wait to see what you've done with that EPIC Shiseido haul!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Well I'm glad to see that you're back :)
I figured it had something to do with school. Seems like everyone slips away one or twice out of the year because of school. & no need to apologize, because uh well I'm like queen of disappearing. lol Last time I was absent from blogger, it took like 8 months to come back. hahah


the actor's diet said...

i love their cleansing oil!!!

나니 said...

WOOOH GUNNA BE SO SEXYYYYYY >: D get yo ass back on blogger, you lazy-face! *kicks*

wifluvelle said...

i used to love shiseido, but i think it dont work for me oily skin, too mild for me

xoxo elle

aimee-antoinette said...

I've not tried this brand yet always wanted to but never got round to it, is it any good? Looking forward to your skincare post.