Thursday, 7 June 2012

Budget Beauty

I will be blogging regularly again since I'm nearing the end of my postgraduate course. You know, no one told me that during grad school, you'd be SO poor. Although my parents are helping me out, I don't have the time to work and earn money because I'm finding it so hard to write and research my essays, because they're so time consuming. Word to the wise. BE TOTALLY PREPARED for postgrad if you're thinking about it

So from a poor grad student to you, here's my list of my current budget favourites. I'm talking under/ approx £10.

1) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. Shade light. £7.99
I still have yet to find my PERFECT bb. But this isn't bad at all, the colour's a bit dark for my skintone, but I can usually mix in some shiny primer to lighten the colour. (hah, that defeats the point of cheap budget right?! No worries. grab a free sample of benefit's shiny one as a glamour mag freebie!) It's quite dewy when applied but does dry matte throughout the day. I wish it would stay dewy. I can't do matte, even in summery humid conditions, my cheeks can't seem to stay hydrated. It's 8 in 1, WITH spf 30. I'm thoroughly impressed at the way they've taken on what an ASIAN BB CREAM does. (Yes, it is a dig at Garnier's offering, whatchugonadoaboutit!)

2) Bourjois Healthy Mix serum. Gel foundation. shade 51. £10.99
Again, I have yet to find the perfect foundation but this product comes really close. It really does give me a healthy glow and I actually had their old one but I found that one far too dark so i have to mix, but 51 is perfect for me. Like the dream fresh bb, it applies dewy but does turn semi matte throughout the day. (still not good enough for my cheek patches though! :(


3) Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser. 90ml. £8.00
Well I'm pretty sure, this seems to be everyone's HG. But Boots have finally released the small version to buy in the UK. It removes makeup, good for blemish prone skin and it really keeps the spot at bay. I haven't had any big giant white heads with this! If the £18 one is bit too high for your budget, you can get designer skincare for less than a tenner!

4) Simple purifying cleansing lotion. £2.99
I've used this since I was 19, it's just a really great makeup remover. It's kinda like a light cream so it doesn't feel greasy on skin at all and it removes makeup beautifully. For £2.99. Can't go wrong.


5) Collection 2000. Loose Powder. Translucent. £2.99
For the amount of money you pay and the amount of product you get. It's a frigging bargain. To top it off, it sets makeup, although it may not be as fine as higher end powders but it's close. It's super effective when you have a good skin day.


What are your budget favourites?

Yinnie x

4 Golden Nuggets:

Anonymous said...

yay welcome back to the blogging world Yinnie!! let's arrange to meet once I'm back...

Jian said...

Yaaaay for more frequent blogging! Can't wait to see more posts from you :)

Great budget faves! I tried the garnier bb and was far from impressed. A lot of bloggers seem to really like bourjois foundies...I think I need to try one sometime!

Budget faves of mine? Well, I do like the infallible eyeshadows a fair bit, and I am also rather fond of the Maxfactor mini nail polishes lately too!

PinkOrchids said...

Welcome back :)
Thanks for sharing your faves! I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about Maybelline BB cream and am so tempted to try it- but i have way too many unfinished bb creams already *sigh*

Does the Collection 2000 translucent powder leave a white cast? I normally love their products, and am looking for a decent translucent powder.

Btw, goodluck with your postgrad, what are you studying? I've just recently finished my degree and am contemplating to take a masters, any advice??

PinkOrchids said...

Thanks for replying! My mum came back with a load of silk scarves for bags too! They do jazz up handbags, totally agree!

I'm not sure what subject i'll do a masters on if i decide to, it really depends on my grades because some universities expect a 1st or a very high 2.1 to get on their courses.I'm planning to stick with universities in London as it's closer to home. Where are you studying your masters? I have no one to really ask for advice about it, i don't think the older generation understands how hard it is in this current time. I'm worried masters will be a too big of an investment, and one that won't be rewarding >.<