Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Did not light up my life. [REVIEW]

(all photos taken with iphone.)

As a rule, I've never felt the need to buy from direct sellers, be it avon, arbonne or amway. If it's exclusive, I want it to be exclusive, competitive and easily accessible because thats the fun in limited edition gimmicks, no? You can either have it or you can't and if you can't you just weren't fast enough. Not because you weren't knowledgeable. Direct selling companies remain an enigma to most of society, only turning up on your doorstep trying to sell their products. Some are good, some are bad. But what person exclusively uses one brand for everything? I'm a greedy person, I can't just have ONE brand. If I get bored, I move on, but direct sellers just want you to buy all your products from them. But I decided to give them a chance, see if their product is worth the trouble of direct selling.

I'm reviewing their light up lip gloss from Amway's beautycycle range.

Packaging for this lip gloss was an ABSOLUTE bitch. It came in a plastic bag, and the cardboard was wrapped in plastic wrap, and then when you got it opened, the lipgloss itself was wrapped in plastic wrap. This doesn't seem like a good sign at all, why are they making more packaging costs for themselves and plus half the plastic is not recyclable. Surely, if you make less packaging, keep it for the same price, both the seller and the company get more profit? 

I paid £10 approx for this and it's a pretty hefty lipgloss, it holds 6g of product and this colour is champagne. However, it isn't a true champagne at all, more a bronzey beige with metallic flecks. Not to say this is a bad thing, it just seems like Amway have definitely played it safe and have geared it towards their desired market, those who are in their 30s who are dressing more conservatively. Yet, if it is gearing towards the mature market, why the hell does it need the added gimmick of a light up lipgloss? light up lipgloss can only really be connected to the clubbing public. I'm not sure the clubbing public have time to order from an amway steward and wait for their product to reach the steward and then send it to them. Especially because you can probably get light up lipglosses for way cheaper in super drug. The marketing is confusing to say the least.

Yet, the lipgloss itself does have some good qualities. By this I mean, 'WHY IS MY LIPS FEEL MINTY AND OOOOHH IT'S TINGLING. Oooh I like it.' I think it may be a lip plumping effect and even if it doesn't pump up lips drastically, the minty feeling is really really refreshing. I also had no problems with the doe shaped applicator. It's not a bad product by any stretch. The colour is not great for me, but it worked well for my mother. It's not too sticky, it goes on perfectly well.

Here is a swatch. 
So, my problem here is that the lipgloss is too safe, it has no particular qualities that stand out aside from convenience. To procure this product is quite difficult. Not to say it's a complete dud, but it just fails to catch anyone's eye-(I don't mean shining the lipgloss light in someone's eye either). Furthermore, the range it is in, as the catalogue has shown, there are only 4 shades, all shades are safe shades for the more mature woman. I guess mature women are less frivolous than I am but even then, it seems a bit limited. It can't compete in the world we live in where more is the way forward. I mean, check out Revlon lip butters, 16 shades? Thats 4 x the amount Amway has.

Sorry Amway,  as much as I love the daily shower cleaner, this product did not light up my life.
2 / 5 stars

6 Golden Nuggets:

Jamilla Camel said...

I think you will find this true about Amway products in general - but your lips look good!

M.A.C.nunu said...

It's kind of frosty and just too blah.
Meh what a waste of 10 quids.

Jian said...

it looks nice on you but you are right about the colour....

That light thing is so gimmicky. I have ignored all so far.

Yin said...

Jamilla: Eh I'll hand it to them for their cleaning products, they're surprisingly good. But makeup is a bit a bit lacking, especially if we comparing to cheaper brands.

Macnunu: You don't know how many times I had to stop myself from reviewing it as BLAH. LOL

Jian; I usually stay away from gimmicks too. and this review shows that gimmick isn't usually thought out well

Chaitea said...

I like the color but you're right, it's very conservative and targeted for mature woman.
I'm sorry that you're having a bad experience with direct sellers D:
I haven't tried it but I guess I won't anytime in the near future xD

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I had no idea AMway is still around. Pretty color.