Monday, 18 June 2012

Do I feel Burning? NAIR hair removal [REVIEW]

Not in the good way either. I figured I should probably try my hand at either bleaching or chemically removing the upper lip hair because as some of dark haired beauties will know. Sometimes the hairs on the upper lip can be visible or just plain annoying, especially if you keep a 5x magnifying mirror on one's desk. 

So I popped into Boots. (when I mean popped, I can never seem to go shopping for a long amount of time these days, something always comes up and I have to leave without buying what I initally set out to buy. sigh) I hadn't really decided whether I should bleach or remove it, but time seemed to make my mind up and I grabbed Nair's ultra precision upper lip kit: sensitive hair remover. Sounds good, I have extremely sensitive skin. So much so I had to stop using my daycream because the spf in it is causing me to break out a bit. (I'm now combining hydrating night cream and Neutrogena spf 50 for ultra sensitive skin)

It claims to be gentle and effective and quick and easy to use. Well, the applicator is pretty much like a lipgloss tube with a plastic spreadable applicator on top for both removal cream and moisturiser. It also claims to leave beautiful soft moisturised smooth skin. Did it live up to it's claims? Well yes and no, it definitely removed the hair but it did not leave it beautifully soft and smooth. I ended up getting chemical burn and then that dried out. (but luckily, I played around with aftercare, and within 2 days, it's back to normal.)

Firstly, I did what any sane person would do and tried it on my lower arm hair and it worked, no stinging, and the hair came off easily, and it didn't cause my skin to go red and then I applied it to my upper lip and the edges of my lip corners did start to sting. The instructions say to leave it for around 5 minutes. The added instructions were to spread evenly and do not rub in. Seems simple enough. By 5 minutes, I was RACING to the bathroom to get rid, it was stinging BADLY. Getting rid is another issue, the instructions say to dab it off slowly with a lukewarm flannel and then rinse your lip area with warm water. Do not rub it.

Don't have a picture of my with a white 'tache because I have friends and family that may read this and use it as a weapon against me. (My brother called me Colonel Sanders T_T) So imagine this on my upper lips. :)

 Here's the monstrosity I was met with. WTF (this was taken after an evening of aftercare)


Here's the thing. It removed the hair fine, but my upper lip was red raw from chemical burn, especially around the lip corners, and the moisturiser they provided me with. Made it sting more. DO NOT USE THE MOISTURISER NAIR HAS GIVEN. This meant I had to improvise. Two days of my improvised aftercare, my upper lip has not signs of chemical burn or dryness, or any stinging sensation.

Here's the two products that are amazing for chemical facial hair removal aftercare
1) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex: (from swap with the beautiful Anastasia)- This was incredibly cooling on my skin afterwards and just eliminated the stinging sensation, almost immediately. Not only that, this was incredibly hydrating on the skin
2) Oslee Rosehip Eye Cream: (gifted from the lovely Jen): Eye cream on lips?! It works, Serums are more intensive to heal and get rid of puffiness. Well by being chemically burned, it does get a bit swollen and this really helps not only reduce redness but tighten the area around lips so this means less wrinkles. Handy, no? 2 in 1 serum. (You'll probably burn through the serum twice as fast but it's all good- the lip area is often a forgotten area of wrinkles and one of the first things that show the signs of ageing. Don't want to let it droop!)


Anyhoo, I'm disappointed with Nair. Although it wasn't a serious burn, I don't think I'll be venturing into chemical hair removals anymore. I'mma stick to trusty old tweezers. And maybe even give laser hair removal a shot. (They're offering half price for 6 sessions somewhere in my local shopping centre. Seems like a good deal.)

I give Nair 1/5 stars. The 1 for removing hair. That's it.

FTS: I was not paid to review Nair, this was purchased with my own boots points. 

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Jian said...

EEEEP!!!!! OMG poor you Yinnie! Burning = not fun!!

I highly recommend the epistick! I use it when I remember to, and it's quite painfree, quick and easy to remove the 'stache! I doubt either of us have serious 'stache issues but when you use macrolens to take photos of your face or look in a 5x or 10x mirror you're like ARGHHHH.

I ordered one from a UK seller I think, so it arrived really quick cos I couldn't be bothered to wait forever. It was like £2. XD

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Ouch! Sounds like it hurts. I'm not keen on hair removal stuff, so I think I'll pass.

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M.A.C.nunu said...

OMG that's awful!!! I hope you've recovered!
Just tweeze!!

나니 said...

ARGHHH D: this is why I'm so scared of hair-removal creams! /runs in circles/ damn chemical burns and shit... -hides-
I heard great stuff from Saaammage (youtube) about the LANEIGE moisturizer you got there : D