Friday, 29 June 2012

Easy Lazy Galaxy Nails

No, I don't mean dipping your fingers into galaxy chocolate. Although that sounds divine, that's not what I meant.

The current nail trend is galaxy nails, sending your nails into space. If you're a bit into science like me, this trend is a winner. But I'm not as patient as those who create galaxy supernova nails or milky way nails, with the gradiating and the sponging- so here's my lazy take on it. Essentially, the glitters represent the stars, and then we do it OLD school- as in use your imagination! (or hallucinogenic drugs- but that's not only bad for your body but also very very expensive. I'm kidding, please don't go buy LSD.)


For the dark universe background, I used Boots 17 midnight sapphire polish. This is a very beautiful metallic navy blue and it costs something amazing like £2.99 from boots. First coat is a bit thin but leaning towards the opaque side, but the second coat is super super opaque. The formula is pretty damn good for the price.

For the stars, I used Miss Sporty's sparkle touch polish and this again is super cheap. It's got very fine glitters, and it retails in superdrugs for £1.99. As you can probably tell by now, this is the budget version of galaxy nails! this polish is made up of silver, blue and purple glitters submerged in clear polish. This is not a fully loaded glitter polish, not at all. It's like a budget version of OPI's nicole polish with finer shimmers. I layered on around 2 coats to achieve the effect I did. (Or maybe a few more, I might have got a bit too crazy with the glitters and carried on as I was watching a few episodes of CSI. But who's counting-do what makes you feel happy!)


For the top coat, I used a fast dry top coat from a travel polish exclusive from estee lauder which was gifted to me from a family friend. It really does dry pretty damn fast, and it does not smudge my artistic efforts or take colour away and thus dirtying the polish within the pot. Although the polish has gone a bit murky, it's still 90% clear, and it has no colour so that means I haven't completely ruined it.

Anyways, here's the finished effect. You may have seen this on twitter/fb/instagram but here I am shoving in your face again! LOL


FYI, I am using false stick on nails. My real nails are a bit nasty- you can tell from the rather dodgy looking cuticles. But I prefer to use false nails for special occasions and I was going out to a ball. I'm a bit ashamed to go into a salon too so I just DIY at home. I prefer the super drug elegant touch american bare brand in x-short. The glue is friendly and it doesn't hurt when it finally falls off/peels off.

So that's my take on galaxy nails without the chocolate. What are your favourite nail trends this year?

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